Smudge, Puddin, Tinker, Bubbles & Squeak

A few days before Halloween,2018, we received a call from a Langley Veterinary Clinic informing us that there was an RCMP officer driving around with 2 goats in the back of  his cruiser in need of a bed for the night.  Thanks to a concerned neighbour,  they were seized from a family in a residential home who had purchased them at auction to be used for meat.

We fell in love with these two female miniature goats, Smudge and Puddin, and knew that this would be their forever home. Much to our surprise, they both turned out to be pregnant and gave birth just a few months later. Smudge had twins, Bubbles & Squeak, and Puddin had 2 babies, sadly one of her babies passed and only Tinker survived.

This family of 5 are inseparable, living their best lives at the Happy Herd. It is truly beautiful to watch this family grow up together and thrive. Being born at the sanctuary, these babies will never know anything but love, kindness, and freedom.