Lulu & Lily

Lulu and Lily, or mommy and auntie as we call them, are a pair of potbelly pig sisters who were seized in an spca cruelty investigation along with 17 dogs from a home in Maple Ridge. With no room for the pigs at the SPCA, they were sent to a temporary home, which turned out to be just as bad.

They arrived at the Happy Herd initially as a SPCA foster situation, we were guaranteed that they could not be pregnant, little did they know that the owner neglected to inform them about the male pig who got loose, evidentially ended up having an encounter with Lulu. We had never seen animals so terrified and immediately decided that this would be their forever home. 3 months later, surprise! Lulu was in fact pregnant and gave birth to 5 piglets Garth, Willy, Monroe, Bif, and Moby.

Just 2 days later Lulu was very sick and needed immediate surgery to repair a torn uterus and remove a dead feces which was going septic. Lulu survived and 4 of her babies were returned to her but the 5th piglet, Garth, was kept inside due to his tiny size and sickly attitude. Which turned out to be a good thing because only 5 days later he had emergency surgery for a ruptured intestine.

When Lulu and Lily(originally Angelina and Jennifer- ugh) first arrived at Happy Herd they were terrified of all humans. Even being in their presence rattled them and made them quite scared. Through the patient work of a couple of our volunteers, Lily and Lulu have come to understand that we are only here to love them and let them live as they wish. Lily even enjoys a back rub from time to time!  These ladies are still a bit shy but very vocal , always making the sweetest noises.