Moe, Larry & Leonard

Raised from 3 days old by an 8 yr old girl and her mum (who does dog rescue) Larry and Moe came to us at 7 months old due to an overpopulation of male turkeys. They soon became farm favourites, looking like little overdressed businessmen who followed guests everywhere, puffing out their chests and showing off their feathers. Larry has since passed.

Lizzie was an escapee from a farm in Chilliwack that also raises mink. Luckily she ended up at a house of a Happy Herd supporter, who caught her and brought her to live with us. We had helped animal control round up 17 turkeys during the summer from the same farm. We assumed the farmer would not pay the huge fine to get them back but unfortunately, he did and we were unable to save them. So, when it happened again with Lizzie, we were happy we could save her and give her a forever home with Larry and Mo!

Fast forward 5 months and suddenly we noticed changes in Lizzie as she matured. We have since changed “his” name to “Leonard”…..oops, never said we were experts!

Moe loves attention, he is often the first to welcome you to the farm, often never leaving your side. He loves to show off his feathers and impress anyone who is lucky enough to be in his presence.

Leonard on the other hand is very shy and timid, he reserves his feathers only for the wild ducks. He is completely obsessed with wild ducks, always flaunting his feathers proudly in an attempt to win their affection.

Both Moe and Lenorad are quite fond of our newest turkey, April, who came to the Happy Herd in April of 2020. They both try to woo her with their impressive feathers, especially Moe, however April is still unsure about how she feels about the male turkey attention, so she is currently keeping them both in the friend zone.