Mousse arrived as a 2 week old “kid” in March 2022.  His mother rejected him and as such, he needed around the clock care and bottle feeding.  A regular schedule day (and night) had to be maintained to keep this little one fed. At 2 months old, he was slowly transitioned outside and joined our small “lamb” herd that also included Gibbles the goat and Pickles the pig. From the beginning, Mousse was VERY outgoing and independant.  Keeping Mousse entertained can be a full time job, he loves to jump in wheelbarrows (during clean up), steal gloves and playfully head butt.

Today, Mousse is part of a larger family that still includes Pickles.  Mousse shares his space with sheep Linus, Lincoln, Lola, Tyrell & Noodles, and another goat named Percy. GIbbles unfortunately passed away in 2023.