Pickles was a stray piglet discovered in a forest area by a family in Crescent Beach. The family started leaving food for pickles and slowly gained her trust so they could call us to come catch her. She was a lot younger and smaller than we expected, it didn’t take her long to figure out how to escape her pen and find her way to her chosen family Linus and Gibbles. It took us a full 5 weeks before we earned her trust and she let Diane pet her for the first time! Now she happily accepts belly rubs!

Though she began as a skittish girl wary of contact, Pickles has quickly become one of The Herd’s most popular and sassy socialites. She can be found clearing her roommates out of their building with her zoomies, sunbathing on her bed, going for long strolls around the sanctuary, or relaxing in her pig-loo. Pickles has recovered from her recent spaying surgery, and now she is ready for a summer of fun and sun with her buddies.