Lucy came to us as a two week old piglet with a massive personality and confidence. We introduced her to Desi, our 2 week old calf and the friendship was there immediately. Their video has been shared by more than 8 million viewers. They grew up together for the first four months and then Baby, the donkey, unlocked their door and suddenly, with her Betty, Desi and Lucy it was a family of four! They slept together, grazed together and enjoyed life. Eventually Desi became the older brother of two younger cows but Baby, Lucy and Betty are still together. Lucy now weighs in at around 475 lbs. Her favourite thing is food and the second is belly rubs. When very happy she emits the smell of Maple Syrup!

Like all our critters, Lucy loves people and loves getting her picture taken and is incredibly gentle for such a massive creature. She is truly one of our main ambassadors!