Gibbles, a goat, was brought to us in October 2019 by a woman, Lorraine, who rescued him from a meat farm. When work commitments made keeping him too hard, Lorraine brought him to Happy Herd to be a companion for Linus. He’s best buds with a pig named Pickles, and a lamb named Linus, who is a few months younger, so they were babies growing up together.

Gibbles has faced some challenges; he had his first operation at about 3 months after arriving at Happy Herd to repair what was thought to be a torn ACL and what turned into a totally dislocated hind leg. Shortly after he stopped using his opposite front leg which was destroyed by arthritis. We kept him on pain maintenance until a chance playtime with his friend Tyrell turned into an accidental broken humerus. This operation turned into an amputation of his leg when the joint disintegrated during surgery.

Now, free from pain, he lives a happy and active life. Far from letting this get him down, Gibbles seems to have embraced the positives of his situation. He has learned to plunk himself down in the hay mangers for naps in the sun. Previously, Gibbles’ leg would have prevented this method of taking a load off, but now he can let the manger do the work of keeping him up for his beloved afternoon sunbathing. Keep up the great work, Gibbles!