Elliot Is our shyest goat, He came from a 90 year old man who purchased him to be a companion to his horse, Colt. When that didn’t work out as planned the man was going to give him to someone to eat, but  luckily some of our supporters ended up rescuing Elliot and bringing him home.

Elliott had been beaten up and abused and was absolutely terrified. Initially our plan was to re home him along with another goat we had just taken in named Gertie. They were going to go live with our friends who had been wanting to take in some goats, However due to Gertie suffering from epileptic seizures we could not send them off. We gradually introduced them to our other goats ,Willow and Rusty, and the 4 were a happy goat grouping. Unfortunately, Gertie’s seizures took her too early, but luckily timid Elliott had friends. He still is a timid boy but now happy in the big goat area with 10 other goats and sheep.