Desi the steer at Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary


We welcomed our first male calf Desi at a week old. We learned a lot in a short time about bottle feeding and how to properly care for a bull, but it was the start of such a love affair. Desi had the most amazing personality and loved human contact. Baby, our donkey fell in love with him over the stall door, just as quickly as we did. We got Lucy, our pink pig a week later and the two instantaneously bonded and became best friends. It was amazing to observe how gentle the big calf was with the tiny piglet! When Desi was a year old we welcomed two calves, Sparky and Scooter to join Desi, who is now a proud uncle to them.

Our three bulls have been professionally castrated under full anesthetic by a veterinarian and are now steers, at the same time when they were under anesthetic for their castrating procedure, they were also surgically disbudded to prevent them from growing horns for the safety of all our other family members at The Happy Herd.