This young male potbelly pig was found roaming around Langley in December of 2020 and was subsequently picked up by Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS), and taken home by one of their employees, soon to be returned to laps due to his aggressive behaviour. After deciding to neuter Bepbop, LAPS and The Happy Herd thought Bebop would be best suited to a life at our sanctuary, so he was brought here.

Bebop lives with his big brother, Garth. Since Garth was the runt of his siblings and had suffered their rejection, there was hope that Bebop could become a companion to Garth, and vice-a-versa. The pair met through the fence on the day of Bebop’s arrival, and they were very excited to meet one another. When Bebop was initially introduced to Garth, he would try to mount Garth, but this has since stopped and the two are getting along perfectly.

We think Garth likes having a pig who is smaller than him for a friend, and Bebop is happy to have Garth’s company and leadership.

Whether he’s happily grazing amongst his friends, making a mud pit with Garth, or napping in his house, Bebop has clearly made himself at home here.